Modify event tags and unavailabiityΒΆ

As shown in Tutorial it is possible to add to the unavailability of an Event by using the Event.add_unavailability method:

>>> from conference_scheduler.resources import Slot, Event
>>> from pprint import pprint

>>> slots  = [Slot(venue='Big', starts_at='15-Sep-2016 09:30', duration=30, session="A", capacity=200),
...           Slot(venue='Big', starts_at='15-Sep-2016 10:00', duration=30, session="A", capacity=200)]
>>> events = [Event(name='Talk 1', duration=30, demand=50),
...           Event(name='Talk 2', duration=30, demand=130)]

Let us note the first event as unavailable for all the slots. We do this by unpacking the slots list (*slots) and passing it to the add_unavailability method:

>>> events[0].add_unavailability(*slots)
>>> pprint(events[0].unavailability)
(Slot(venue='Big', starts_at='15-Sep-2016 09:30', duration=30, capacity=200, session='A'),
 Slot(venue='Big', starts_at='15-Sep-2016 10:00', duration=30, capacity=200, session='A'))

We can remove a specific item:

>>> events[0].remove_unavailability(slots[0])
>>> events[0].unavailability
(Slot(venue='Big', starts_at='15-Sep-2016 10:00', duration=30, capacity=200, session='A'),)

We can also completely clear the unavailability:

>>> events[0].clear_unavailability()
>>> events[0].unavailability

Similar methods exist for modifying event tags:

>>> events[0].add_tags('Python', 'Ruby', 'Javascript')
>>> events[0].tags
('Python', 'Ruby', 'Javascript')
>>> events[0].remove_tag("Python")
>>> events[0].tags
('Ruby', 'Javascript')
>>> events[0].clear_tags()
>>> events[0].tags